We care deeply about people with food allergies and we work hard to make our food safe for everyone by putting strict procedures and training in place where possible. However, due to the nature of our business we cannot 100% guarantee against cross contamination. Have a look at our offerings below and do not hesitate to contact us


If you do have serious food allergies (or any at all really), we ask that you read our allergens statement and information below before you eat at Gourmet Burger and Fries and make an informed decision. Please be aware this info might be missing from our website from time to time (due to amendments on it) so please call us to ask or make a query prior to ordering.


Our buns are homemade, with our unique recipe and do not contain soya or sesame seeds. However, our local bakers have asked us to inform you that the buns are baked in an environment where soya and sesame seeds are used and therefore cross-contamination can be possible.


We love our Veggie customers and have always believed that anything in life worth doing, is worth doing properly. That’s why our vegetarian burgers are truly to die for…give them a try and experience 100% tastiness!


For your safety, please make informed decisions when eating with allergies by referring to our Allergens information before you eat with us. Our menu contains several known allergens and we cannot 100% guarantee against cross contamination.

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